Southtown Workout Locations

Location 1 - West Seneca

New for 2024 is a BRICK location in West Seneca. 

Location:  Sunshine Park

1750 East and West Road

West Seneca, NY 14224

The bike look is approx. 5.7 mile bike route. We will do 2 loops.

The course WILL be marked.

Bike Course (

The Run course is a .5 mile loop around the park.  

This will be an UNTIMED event.  Run as many loops as you'd like!

Location 2 - Chestnut Ridge

Southtown brick location at Chestnut Ridge Park, near the North entrance off Newton Road.  It is typical for the BTC to utilize shelter #21.  If/when there is a problem with this location (such as another group booking the shelter, or the closure of the Newton Rd entrance, etc) we use the Casino parking lot as our alternate location (see map below).

This location has ample parking, great roads to bike on, and very nice running routes within the park.  Unlike the Northtown site, there are some significant hills on Southtown biking and running routes.

Types of Bricks, Bike Routes, and Running Routes

The workouts tend to consist of some combination of two running routes (0.9 miles and 3.9 miles) and a 7.5 mile bike loop.  Maps and elevation charts for those 3 routes can be found below.

Maps & Documents

Over the years we've used variety of routes for events at or near Chestnut Ridge. Some of the old maps and routes are available below for historical purposes and might be used again the future.