Time & Location

Saturday October 29th, 2022

10am - Noon

Indian Hunter Statue Delaware Avenue

Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14214, USA

What is the Krankenstein you ask??? Krankenstein is a team relay race. Each team brings a bike, your sneakers and a costume if you wish!! For bonus points, bring a bike to donate to Go-Bike (it could be the one you are using for the race)

We will go donate any available bikes before gathering to eat some tasty local pizza.

All participants start together, one team mate riding, one team mate running. The team mate rides until they feel the need to run. They will then drop the bike and start running to get their team further in the course. The running teammate MUST be on the lookout for their bike, find it, and get riding! Catch up with your teammate and then ride until they want to run again!! It’s a “leap frog” like scenario!

Krankenstein is free for all BTC members but you must RSVP using the link above.

Don't have a partner - no worries, we will match make on site.

Course Maps