Lake Erie Swims 

2024 Notice

Time & Location


These weekly monitored swim workouts are coordinated and ran by Ethan Sasiela & other BTC volunteers. They are geared towards acclimating yourself to open water and to familiarize yourself with swimming continuously without a wall every 25/50 yards. Some members may also go for a run or bike ride along the public waterfront paths before or after the swim.

Swimming Rules

Water Temperature

Lake temperature estimates can be found on various websites linked below. Temperatures are taken at various locations and depths and may not reflect the exact temperature at the swim site. We'll usually toss a thermometer in the water for a reading before each swim.

Weather & Cancellations

Our swim schedule is subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.  Please be sure to check the BTC online calendar (as well as BTC email list, facebook page, etc) for any changes and cancellations.  It is very rare for an event to be canceled in advance due to weather.  Cancellations due to weather may be made on site at the time that the event is scheduled to start.  Even though it might be raining at 5 pm where you are, it may be clear and sunny at the event site or vice versa!  We'll all do our best to provide advanced notice of event changes/cancellations but your cooperation and patience are also appreciated!