Membership Information

Membership Benefits

  • Opportunities to meet, socialize with, and learn from other multisport athletes.

  • Weekly club workouts, including brick (bike-run) workouts (with a supervised transition area), bike time-trials, and open water swimming (with permit from the NFTA, and safety equipment on hand).

  • You will be covered by USAT general liability insurance when participating in BTC events.

  • Substantial discounts and special offers from our club partners, including discounts on some local races.

  • Admittance to our club meetings where we discuss important club issues, and sometimes have guest speakers and refreshments.

  • Voting rights (18+) in club matters, such as the annual board of directors election.

  • Invitation to attend our annual banquet.

  • Monthly newsletters, which we use to keep our members informed of club events, discounts and special offers from our sponsors and partners, and other updates and announcements.

  • Opportunities to purchase official BTC apparel and other merchandise.

  • Access to bike boxes that can be borrowed to transport or ship your bicycle to an out-of-area race. We have also created a document with information regarding bike shipping considerations, complete with an example using our club bike box, and Tom's Pro Bike has produced a very nice YouTube video that shows the complete process of packing a bike. Please contact our bike box coordinator for more information or to reserve a box.

Special Events, Guest Speakers, and Social Events

Some of the other things we've done regularly in the past have been:

  • Special events with a BTC partner

  • Special off-season training sessions, such as indoor swims

  • Guest speakers

  • Off-season get-togethers (Winter/Holidays)

  • Informal end-of-season get-together after the final Wednesday swim of the year

  • Events & workouts hosted by individual members (non-BTC sanctioned/hosted)

Membership Types

We offer a variety of membership levels.

  • All memberships are valid for 1 calendar year and expire on Dec 31st each year.

  • Memberships purchased after Oct 1st will carry over to the following calendar year.

  • Each person over the age of 18 is entitled to vote in the affairs of the BTC, except for associate members. If possible, please provide a unique email address for both adults in a family membership to assist in voting/ballots.

  • All transactions, beginning January 1st, 2022, will incur a $1 processing fee.

Individual Membership ($25 / year)

    • One adult over the age of 19.

Family Membership ($35 / year)

    • Any two adults and their children under the age of 18, living at the same address.

Collegiate Membership ($ 15 / year)

    • Full time student under the age of 23.

Youth Membership ($15 / year)

    • One individual aged 7-18.

Associate Membership ($15 / year)

    • One individual residing outside a 100 mile radius from Buffalo. No voting rights.

Join the BTC or Renew Membership

We use a 3rd party service (TidyHQ) to maintain our membership database and to handle registrations and payments. If you have any problems with the online membership system, or any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact our membership committee via email.

Existing Members & Renewals

Please use the link below to login to your TidyHQ account and renew your membership. You should see a "renew" option below your existing membership starting early October each year.

New Members

Please use the link below to register a new membership. You'll be asked to create an account to make future renewals easier.