2024 Board of Directors & Officers

The BTC board of directors consists of 11 members that are elected annually by the membership. The board meets monthly to guide the overall direction of the club and vote on key issues. The four officers are elected by the board at the beginning of each year. Each board member is assigned to one or more of our four committees to focus on specific roles and responsibilities.

Below is a list of Board members and Elected officers within the club along with email contact information for each.

2024 Board of Directors - Elected Officers

Email: boardmembers<at> buffalotriathlonclub.com


Carol Novak

USAT Age Group: 50-54

Hobbies:  People have other hobbies? 


Alisha Gannon

Hobbies: Herpetology, painting


Andrea Pecoraro 

USAT Age group: 40-44

Hobbies: Hiking, SUP'ing, Adventuring, dog owner 


Jon Panetta

USAT Age Group: 30-34

Hobbies: Guitar, going to the movies, Milwaukee Bucks

Additional Directors

Tom Piwtorak

USAT Age Group: 35-39

Hobbies; Homebrewing (Beer, wine, cider), Kayaking & SUP'ing, baseball/hockey dad, dance/theater dad, raquetsports

Christine Hawkes

USAT Age: 35-39

Hobbies: skiing, pilates, volleyball, raquetsports, being a hockey mom

Abdur-Rahman Morgan

USAT Age Group: 40-44

Hobbies; Strength training, photography, advocating for electric vehicles and environmental sustainability, Erie 2 BOCES.

Mariya Vasileva 

USAT Age group: 35-39

Hobbies: Crossfit, Skiing, piano

David Federspeil

USAT Age Group: 55-59

Hobbies; listening to music, camping, pushing the sport boundaries of myself and helping others realize their own potentials and accomplishing their dreams

Deanna Giordano

USAT Age Group: 55-59

Hobbies; Owner of Studio Sophia Fitness Club, Personal Trainer, Pilates & Yoga Instructor, loves to Crochet and read 

Michelle Nitsche

USAT Age Group: 35-39

Hobbies: hiking, paddleboarding, adventuring, coaching soccer, raquetsports

Club Officers


Elected by the board. Provides overall leadership of the board and the club.


Manages the BTC bank accounts and overall budget. Issue payments when needed. Oversees technical aspects of the club

Vice President

Elected by the board. Provides overall leadership of the board and the club. Runs monthly Board Member meetings.


Documents meetings / minutes, Monthly Newsletter creation.

Club Committees

Events Committee

Planning and coordination of club workouts, club events, and other training opportunities.

Membership Committee

Maintains the membership database/roster. Responsible for new member welcoming and inclusion.

Partnership Committee

Maintains club partnerships and arranges partner-lead special events.

Communication Committee

Club communications such as weekly & monthly email newsletters. Maintains the club website.

Other Teams & Contacts

Tent & Flag Coordinator

Coordinates the storage and loaning of our two 10'x10' pop-up BTC tents and smaller road flags. Members are welcome to borrow them for events.

Bike Box Coordinator

Receives and coordinates bike box reservations.

Apparel Coordinators

Coordinates apparel orders, deliver orders, & hold inventory.

Technical / Web 

Maintains the technical aspects of running the club's IT/online presence such as the website, email, 3rd party services, etc....