Meetings & Social Events

General Membership Meetings

Normally we host two general membership meetings each year to provide updates about the club. One in the spring and one after the triathlon season in the fall/winter.

The spring meeting is usually held in March and hosted at the site of one of our partners. The spring meeting is to discuss the upcoming season and to provide updates about the club. All members and non-members are welcome to join us to learn about the club. Everyone is encouraged to attend including people on the fence about becoming a member of the club.

We hold our annual "banquet" in the fall/winter to provide club updates, present annual club awards, and congratulate each other on their accomplishments over the last season. We always have a slide show of pictures from the year and socialize over dinner at a local event space.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors meet once per month (usually 11 times per year). Members are welcome to attend, but they must RSVP to the board at least 3 days before the meeting, so that we can make sure we have enough space to accommodate any guests. If they have an item that they would like added to the agenda they must submit it in advance as well (1 week minimum) and we will do our best to include it. Members can listen in, but due to time constraints there will likely be little opportunity, if any, for them to participate in the discussions (of course they would participate in the discussion of any agenda items that they submitted). Under some circumstances the board may need to enter into a "closed door session," with board members only, to discuss a topic and/or take a vote. Copies of board meeting minutes are available to any member upon request.

Special Events, Guest Speakers, and Social Events

Some of the other things we've done regularly in the past have been:

Special events will be announced in the monthly email newsletters.

Please refer to the club calendar for meeting times and locations.