Our BTC logo is on file at:

Custom Tee

2320 Elmwood Avenue

Kenmore, NY



Note: It's been quite a while before we've verified the information below. Pricing and/or details have changed.

  • For $15 they can embroider the logo onto anything that you bring in. They also sell a wide selection of apparel in their store that they can embroider for you. If you bring in your own items they are not responsible for any damage that might occur (if the machine should happen to make a mistake and mess up the stitching, for example). If you purchase the item from them, then they will guarantee it and replace it if it somehow gets damaged during the embroidery process.

  • The BTC design has a very high stitch count which takes quite a while to set up and run, so they appreciate it greatly if we coordinate our items and bring them in groups. For 6 or more embroideries the price drops by 30% ($10ea rather than $15ea)