Current BTC Roster

We make our club roster available to our partners so that they can verify the members of our club when they want to take advantage of special offers and discounts that are provided to BTC members only.

BTC partners are provided a link to our club membership roster. The link should work for the entire calendar year, so save the email! Our membership roster changes daily/weekly as additional members join the club. The roster is updated regularly, but is not in real-time. If you lost the the link to the roster, looking for a newer roster, please send a message to our membership committee or our board members.

The information contained in this roster must not be used for any type of solicitation or advertising campaigns directed towards our members. If a partner would like to advertise to our members they must do so via our established communication channels (club newsletter, club email list, etc). The information should be sent to our board members, who will approve and publish it.

The information contained in this roster must not be shared with anyone who is not a member or sponsor of the BTC.

Violation of these terms may result in the suspension of one's BTC membership, and/or the termination of one's partnership agreement with the BTC.