UB Swims


University at Buffalo - North Campus

Alumni Arena

Buffalo, NY 14260

UB Campus Map

The BTC does not provide any regular swims, workouts, or coaching services at the UB pool. However, you can often find other BTC members at the UB pool as many are also members of the Nickel City Splash Masters, a BTC partner, or use it as their regular pool. The pool info is here because some special off-season swim events are sometimes hosted at the UB pool. It can be a good opportunity to get tips from experienced members as well as meet other members of the club.

Many BTC members use the UB pool to do their swim training. The UB pool has a variety of daily "open swim" times. BTC members often communicate with each other on our Facebook group to coordinate swim times at UB.

In order to access the UB pool during non special events, you must have a UB recreation membership. Be sure to check the UB recreation web site for information regarding membership, swim schedules, closures, as well as other information regarding the facilities.