Racing Apparel, Casual Clothing, & Misc

We place orders for race apparel a few times per year, depending on demand.  The usual process is that members place their orders and pay for them, the gear is delivered to our apparel coordinators approximately 6-8 weeks later, and then they distribute it at our various club workouts and events.  We usually order a few extra items, but not many, due to the costs involved.  We have changed vendors a few times over the years, and the design sometimes changes slightly from year to year.  See below for photos of our past orders.  Watch the BTC email blasts and facebook group for ordering information.

We also usually have inventory on hand for cash-and-carry purchases of hats, casual clothing (hoodies & T-shirts), and other miscellaneous items.  See below for photos of some of that gear.

In addition to watching our email blasts and facebook group for apparel information, you can also contact our apparel coordinators with any questions that you might have.

You can click on the images below to view a larger version of them.

Swimsuit size chart: