Racing Apparel & Casual Clothing

For the last 3 years (2011-2013) Tom's Pro Bike has been our headquarters for BTC apparel, and our standard apparel offering has been manufactured by Champ-Sys.  Tom still has some remaining Champ-Sys BTC apparel, and Lisa T. has been bringing it to various club events to help sell it.  A huge THANK YOU to Tom for his continued partnership with the BTC, and his willingness to serve as our apparel headquarters for the last 3 years.

In 2013 we did a one-time 'special order' of BTC apparel from Louis Garneau, using our 'retro' BTC logo.  Everyone really seems to like that apparel and prefer it over the Champ-Sys gear. Louis Garneau also gave us some nice options for managing the ordering process.

We are currently (September 2013) working with Louis Garneau to design BTC apparel using our current logo (not the retro logo).  It will look very similar to the Champ-Sys apparel (same logo, same color scheme, etc).  We will then work on surveying interest from club members to get an idea of order quantities, which will determine the pricing.  From there we will collect orders and payment, and will submit the order to Louis Garneau.  Our plan is to repeat this process multiple times per year, depending on the demand for apparel.

We expect to have our first order submitted to Louis Garneau sometime in January of 2014, to ensure that it arrives before the start of the local racing season.  More details will be coming soon!

Below are pictures of a small sampling of the Champ-Sys apparel.

Triathlon jersey (front & back) and triathon shorts.  Approx $60ea.



Windguard casual jacket & short sleeve club fit jersey (front & back).  Approx $75ea & $55ea.


Marathon running singlet (front & back) and running singlet.  Approx $50ea.


Tech performance jersey, long-sleeve & short-sleeve.  Approx $55ea & $45ea

Arm warmers (~$20), assorted hats ($10-$20), sweatshirt (~$30), & warm-up jacket (~$65)


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