Other Events
Each issue of our newsletter contains a "schedule of events", which lists many of the popular races and events that are coming up. Before searching through the links listed below, you might want to check out our recent newsletters.

Below are links to other websites that have information about races and events:
  1. http://trifind.com/ - Search for triathlons across the USA, or internationally

  2. http://www.score-this.com/ - Score-This!!! manages many events in NY and the North-Eastern United states.

  3. http://www.eclipsemultisport.com/ - Eclipse Multisport is another race company based in Western NY.

  4. http://www.multisportcanada.com/ - Multisport Canada has many events that are quite close to Bufffalo.

  5. http://active.com/ - Search for events by name, state, zipcode, sport, and date.

  6. http://www.buffalorunners.com/ - Check out the race calendar for running races in the Buffalo area.

  7. http://www.nfbc.com/ - The Niagara Frontier Bicycle Club offers multiple group rides every single day!

  8. http://www.buffalobicyclingclub.com/ - The BBC holds multiple road racing, time trialing, cyclocross, and other events.