The BTC Lockport UnDu
Cancelled for 2020


The "annual" Buffalo Triathlon Club "Lockport UnDu" workout will be held again in 2021. The event will be held at the Lockport Infirmary Soccer Fields.
Lockport Infirmary Soccer/Baseball Complex
Davison Rd, just South of Rte 31
Lockport, NY 14094
We will have our club tent(s) set up, and we expect that there will be port-o-potties on the site for the baseball and soccer fields.  The transition area is located behind the building.

Note: distances are approximate!
  • 7:00am:  'Transition area' opens.  Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the event.
  • 8:00am:  Intermediate Course, "The 90"
    - 40k bike (single clockwise loop of the 40k bike course, East of Lockport) [24.5 miles]
    - 10k run (5k out and back). About 2k on road down to Erie Canal bike/run path,
        out and back on path, then 2k uphill on roads back to start/finish. [6.2 miles]
    - 40k bike, same as first bike, 1 loop of the 40k bike course.  [24.5 miles]

  • 9:00am: Short Course, "The 45"
    - 20k bike (single clockwise loop of the 20k bike course, East of Lockport) [12.2 miles]
    - 5k run (2.5k out and back. About 2k on road down to Erie Canal bike/run path,
        out and back on path, then 2k uphill on roads back to start/finish. [3.1 miles]
    - 20k bike, same as first bike, 1 loop of the 20k bike course.  [12.2 miles]
It is important to note that the course is not a closed course, so all traffic laws must be followed and caution is warranted the entire day.

There will be an award ceremony immediately following the event on site.  Important note however is that alcohol is not allowed on the site for this event, but there are many local establishments in Lockport where we can go for some post-event food and beverages.
The BTC will provide water on the run course and in the transition area. If you would like anything else please bring it yourself.

This event is free to all BTC members but we ask that you RSVP on the event page linked below.  The number of participants is limited to 40, and the slots will be filled first-come, first-served.  If there are spots left, we will register athletes on event morning, from 7:00 – 7:30 a.m.  You must be a member of the BTC in order to participate in this event.  If you are not a member, but would like to participate in this event, you are welcome to become of a member of our club.

2019 Lockport Undu registration => Click here!!
The course maps (click to enlarge):

40k Bike course:

20k Bike course:
10k Run course:

5k Run course:

Some memorable quotes from the long course (aka 180) of the 2012 UnDu:
"I guess the 180 event was pretty challenging.  Only 5 people registered, only 3 showed up, and only 1 was able to finish!"
- Peter Monteferrante
"I laid down with my bike AND THEN I unclipped"
  - Lisa Trapasso
"I think I'll feel better after I throw-up"
  - Chuck Miller
"I laid down in the grass, well it was more like straw, and I heard the car stop and reverse to me... 'R U OK?' 'I've been out riding and running since 8AM'.. then the car drives off... does he offer me a ride? nope!"
  - Michael Voigt

 "That's either a really tough loop, or I'm in big trouble next weekend" and "I was pushing over 300 WATTS and I looked down... I was only gong 17MPH
"I think I'm stuck in aero position!"