Members Email List & Facebook

The BTC communicates regularly with it's members by sending out "email blasts" that are full of updates and announcements (including discount codes, etc).  These email communications are only available to current (paid) members of the BTC. 
The BTC also has a "group page" on Facebook.  The facebook group is open to the general public (both BTC members, and non-members).  We encourage you to JOIN our Group page.  The facebook group is used by members to communicate with each other (including posting pictures, web links, etc).  You can click the large blue button above to access the group page if you are a facebook user.

BTC Facebook Group policies
1.  Membership requirements:
       - You do not have to be a dues-paying BTC member in order to be a
           member of the facebook (FB) group.
       - You must use a personal FB account with a name that represents
           your true identity.  Company accounts, group accounts,
           anonymous accounts, etc, will not be allowed to join the FB group.
2.  All posts to the FB group must be multisport-related or BTC-related. 
      Profanity is not permitted, as the BTC is a family-friendly club that
      has members of all ages.
3.  Dues-paying BTC members, and those representing BTC partners
      and sponsors, may post multisport-related offers, advertisements, and
      solicitations from time to time, provided that they are not excessive.
4.  The "Events" area of the BTC FB group is only for posting official
      BTC events (organized/endorsed by the BTC board, supported by
      club funds, covered by club insurance, etc).
5.  The BTC board of directors is responsible for interpreting and enforcing
      these policies.  If you feel that any postings on the FB group, or
      members of the FB group, are in violation of these policies please
notify the board members.

We recognize that many people do not use facebook, and therefore our email blasts are our primary form of communication with our members.  Email messages also tend to be a more reliable form of communication than posting on facebook (it's common for a facebook posting to go unseen in ones news feed).