2014 Lake Ontario Swim Information



(based on NOAA buoy and weather station readings)
(based on NOAA satellite scans of the top 1mm of water)

(link to wunderground.com)

(link to niagaracounty.com)

Weekly Supervised Swims Every SUNDAY (except as noted below) at 8:30am, starting on Sunday June 22nd for 2014. We also have the BTC Ontario Scenario and pot luck picnic scheduled at this site on Sunday June 29th.

Warning: the BTC does not condone or endorse swimming in Lake Ontario alone. It is never wise to swim anywhere alone so please always have someone with you or to watch you.

Sunday morning swims in Lake Ontario are hosted by Barbara O'Reilly & Kate Leary, at 8:30am. Schedule updates will be posted here and sent out via the various BTC communication mechanisms as needed (email blast, facebook, online forum, etc). Lake Ontario is known to sometimes "turn over", moving cold water from the bottom up to the surface, which may result in an unexpected swim cancellation.

Directions:  The swims take place in Youngstown, right next to Fourmile Creek State Park. The address is "Dietz Rd, Youngstown, NY 14174". There is room to park and also a place to lock up bicycles.

Please make sure you take precautions to secure your property while you are in the lake swimming. For example, if you ride your bicycle to the swim site you should take precautions to lock up your bicycle and secure your other items in someone's car.

You may also want to bring a pair of sandals or some protection for your feet on the short walk from the parking area to the lake.

BTC Swimming Rules:
  1. You must wear a bright-colored swim cap, to identify yourself in the water

  2. You must pair up with at least one other member to ensure everyone's safety

  3. BTC members must sign in prior to beginning the workout

  4. The BTC discourages the use of alcohol and members will not be permitted to participate in the workout if they have been drinking. Members are permitted to bring their own alcohol for personal consumption following a workout, provided that they do not violate any venue rules or laws (no glass containers, no under age drinking, etc). Any members who bring and/or consume alcohol at or after a BTC event knowingly and personally assume the risk of so doing and expressly release from liability the BTC and all BTC officers and members.

  5. Friends are welcome at the workouts. They must also sign in and follow the rules.  A $5 insurance fee is required from all non-members for each workout they attend.

  6. If friends will not abide by these rules, please do not bring them to the workouts   If you want to workout with with a non-compliant friend, please do not sign in or join club members in their workouts. This is due to legal and insurance concerns.

    Please consult the
    BTC online calendar for our complete schedule of all events.
Date (2014)Notes
Sunday, June 22.
Sunday, June 29
Ontario Scenario & Family Picnic
Sunday, July 6
Sunday, July 13.
Sunday, July 20.
Sunday, July 27.
Sunday, August 3
Sunday, August 10.
Sunday, August 17.
Sunday, August 24.
Sunday, August 31
Sunday, Sept 7
Sunday, Sept 14.

This schedule is subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.  Please be sure to watch this schedule along with the BTC online calendar, email list, facebook page, etc,  for any changes and cancellantions.  It is very rare for an event to be canceled in advance.  Cancellations due to weather may be made on site at the time that the event is scheduled to start.  Even though it might be raining at 5 pm where you are, it may be clear and sunny at the event site or vice versa!  We'll all do our best to provide advanced notice of event changes/cancellations but your cooperation and patience are also appreciated!