2016 Lake Erie Swim Information


(based on NOAA buoy and weather station readings)
(based on NOAA satellite scans of the top 1mm of water)

(link to wunderground.com)

Weekly Supervised Swims Every WEDNESDAY from 5pm-7pm, tentatively starting on June 1st for 2016.

Warning: This property belongs to the ECHDC and it is NOT open for public access.  The BTC has a permit to use this property on Wednesday evenings, 5pm-7pm, June through September.  The BTC does not condone or endorse trespassing on this property for any purposes (including swimming) outside of the terms of our permit.

These training sessions are geared towards acclimating yourself to the open water and the things that are in it. There will be a 300 meter course laid out, to familiarize you with swimming continuously without a wall every 25 yards. Some members may do a warm-up by running along the waterfront before the swim. Other members may go for a run along the path after the swim.

These swim workouts are hosted by Erin Sheehan & Jim Herbert, , happen most Wednesdays (weather permitting), and start at 5pm. They take place near 325 Fuhrmann Blvd, Buffalo NY 14203, formerly the home of "Shooters" and then the "Festival Grounds at The Pier" (but that building has since been taken down).  The area is officially known as the Seaway Pier.

Directions:  Fuhrmann Blvd. can be accessed from Route 5 both southbound and northbound. Heading south from the City, take the first exit off the Skyway and turn right onto Fuhrmann Blvd. Fuhrmann can also be accessed from Ohio St. across from "Doug's Dive" restaurant. Be sure to get in the right hand lane on Ohio St as you come down the bridge over the railroad tracks. Go under Rt. 5 (aka the Skyway) and make a right at the light onto Fuhrmann Blvd. Fuhrmann can also be accessed from Tifft Street.

BTC Swimming Rules:
  1. You must wear a bright-colored swim cap, to identify yourself in the water

  2. You must pair up with at least one other member to ensure everyone's safety

  3. BTC members must sign in prior to beginning the workout

  4. Please do not bring any alcohol to this site for consumption after the workout (and members will not be permitted to participate in the workout if they have been drinking before hand).  After the workout is over, members are encouraged to meet at a local establishment for refreshments.  "Dug's Dive" is just 1.5 miles down the road from our swim site, and it is a popular post-swim hangout for BTC members.

  5. Friends are welcome at the workouts. They must also sign in and follow the rules.  A $5 insurance fee is required from all non-members for each workout they attend.

  6. If friends will not abide by these rules, please do not bring them to the workouts   If you want to work out with with a non-compliant friend, please do not sign in or join club members in their workouts. This is due to legal and insurance concerns.


    Our swim schedule is subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.  Please be sure to check the BTC online calendar (as well as BTC email list, facebook page, etc) for any changes and cancellantions.  It is very rare for an event to be canceled in advance due to weather.  Cancellations due to weather may be made on site at the time that the event is scheduled to start.  Even though it might be raining at 5 pm where you are, it may be clear and sunny at the event site or vice versa!  We'll all do our best to provide advanced notice of event changes/cancellations but your cooperation and patience are also appreciated!