2017 ECC Swimming Information


Erie Community College Flickinger Center
21 Oak St, Buffalo NY, 14203

These workouts will be coordinated by a BTC volunteer who will ask the attendees to sign in and will collect the necessary payments.  The coordinator will also provide a structured swim workout that the attendees can follow if they wish, or they can do a workout of their choice.  Most sessions will also be attended by a BTC swim coach who will be available to offer some instruction and advice.  Most weeks, BTC member Corey Bower will be the swim coach and overall coordinator.

We'll have different workouts for different levels. If you want to work on technique with a coach, you'll probably do 1,000-1,500 yards. If you want to swim on your own for conditioning, you can do 2,000-3,000 depending on the day and how much of the workout you do.  Corey usually provides a structured 3,000 yard workout for those that would like to follow it.

Some members like to meet up for breakfast after the swim.  Others like to head next door to The Bike Shop for a 90-minute bike trainer session on the virtual riding system (noon-1:30pm).  It's only $15 for BTC members.  Additional details regarding The Bike Shop Hubfit Studio can be found on our Sponsors and Discounts page.

In order to attend these workouts you must either pay a $10 ECC 1-day guest fee per session, or purchase an ECC membership. The guest fee ($10) must be given to the BTC coordinator on-site, as the office window is not open during our swim times.  If you are going to purchase an annual or 3-month membership, that must be done at the ECC office window, during their normal business hours.  BTC members are eligible for discounted annual memberships.  A discounted annual membership can be purchased for $149, which includes access to all of the Flickinger Center facilities (including the pool) at all times when it is open.  3-month memberships can be purchased for $90 (standard rate, no BTC discount).  Sometimes ECC offers a discounted 3-month membership rate around the holidays.  More details can be found on our Sponsors and Discounts page.

If you are swimming at ECC on a day other than what we have organized on the specified Sunday's, an ECC membership or pre-purchased day pass must be presented.

The 2017 schedule is as follows:
  Sundays 10:15am-11:45am (building opens at 10am)
      January 8th 2017 - First swim
    January 15th 2017 - NO SWIM.  Pool is closed.
    January 29th 2017 - NO SWIM.  Pool is closed.
           April 2nd 2017 - NO SWIM.  Pool is closed for Speedo swim meet.
          April 16th 2017 - NO SWIM.  Easter holiday.
           May 21st 2017 - Last BTC ECC Sunday swim for this season

However, please note that these swimming sessions are sometimes canceled due to other events taking place in the pool, and sometimes these events are canceled with very short notice.  Please be sure to check the BTC calendar and watch the BTC Email list and Facebook pages for the most current information.


There is free street parking on some of the surrounding streets (such as Oak and South Division). There is also a for-fee parking lot right across from the Flickinger center.  The lot is not usually staffed on Sunday mornings, but there is a drop box to pay the parking fee.

Enter the building at the corner of Oak and South Division.  Upon entering, you will see a security desk in front of you and two hallways to the left. Go past the security desk (they may ask to see ID -- tell them you're there for the BTC swim) and through the doors into the second hallway. The locker rooms are on the right-hand side of the hallway, and lead directly to the pool. We usually meet at the shallow end of the pool: turn right out of the locker rooms and walk away from the scoreboard and toward the smaller pool. You can pay the $10 fee to the on-site BTC swim coordinator, or show your ECC membership card.

Click the images above for a larger view of the map and the front door.
Please contact the ECC swim coordinator with any questions that you might have.

"I finally made it to ECC today for the club swim,...was a bit nervous at first but knowing that I'm among others that are rather new to the swim and the support makes it a bit easier... nice to meet some more members and the coach - great to get some helpful input... Have made some progress but have much room for improvement... as I tell my wife, it's a great day..I didn't sink!!!"
   - David F.