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Brick Overview & Schedule

Refer to the site-specific pages for locations, routes, maps, & scoring details:
1. Definition
A "brick" workout is any training session that involves two or more of three triathlon disciplines.  In most cases brick workouts tend to include biking and running, which is the case for the BTC brick workouts.  The origin of the term is a bit of a mystery.  Some say that it came from the combination of Bike-Run-ICK!  But others claim that the term was first coined by a couple of pro triathletes who felt that combining multiple disciplines together in these types of workouts was just like stacking building blocks, or bricks, to build to something larger.  Thus after finishing the workout one of them said "just another brick in the wall," inspired by the Pink Floyd song.
From May to September the BTC holds brick workouts and bicycle time trials.  Many of the workouts are timed and awards are presented at the year end banquet or picnic.

2. Rules
  • You must wear a helmet on all bike rides
  • You must follow all USAT rules (no drafting, no earphones, etc)
  • Please bring a red tail light for your bicycle, if you have one.  (A headlight may be desirable as well)
  • Glass containers are not permitted in the park (both Chestnut Ridge & North Amherst)
  • The park closes at 9pm (both Chestnut Ridge & North Amherst)
  • BTC members must sign themselves in prior to beginning the workout (you cannot sign in for someone else)
  • We can accommodate a maximum of 60 participants for the timed Northtown bricks, due to safety concerns and logistics.  Entry is first-come, first-served.  As noted above, you must sign yourself in. 
  • Non-members are welcomed. They must sign in and follow the rules. Also, a $5 insurance fee is required from all non-members for each workout they attend.
  • If your friends will not abide by these rules, please do not bring them to the workouts.  If you want to work out with a non-compliant friend, do not sign in or join club members in their workouts. This is due to legal and insurance concerns.
  • You will not be permitted to participate in the workout if you have been drinking alcohol beforehand. You are permitted to bring your own alcohol for personal consumption following a workout, provided that you do not violate any park rules or laws (no glass containers, no underage drinking, etc). Anyone who brings and/or consumes alcohol at or after a BTC event knowingly and personally assumes the risk of so doing and expressly releases from liability the BTC and all BTC officers and members.  (Note: at Chestnut Ridge, beer and wine are allowed only with a shelter permit, and no other types of alcohol are allowed)

3. Schedule for 2017

This schedule is subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.  Please be sure to watch this schedule along with the BTC online calendar, email list, facebook page, etc,  for any changes and cancellations.  It is very rare for an event to be canceled in advance.  Cancellations due to weather may be made on site at the time that the event is scheduled to start.  Even though it might be raining at 5 pm where you are, it may be clear and sunny at the event site or vice versa!  We'll all do our best to provide advanced notice of event changes/cancellations but your cooperation and patience are also appreciated!

Northtown bricks: Sign-in 5:45pm-6:25pm, workout starts promptly at 6:30pm
Southtown bricks: Sign-in 6:00pm-6:25pm, workout starts promptly at 6:30pm
Date (2017) Event
Thursday May 4th Northtown Brick introduction & orientation
Thursday May 11th Northtown Time Trial #1 & GROUP PHOTO
Thursday May 18th Southtown Time Trial
Thursday May 25th Northtown 1-2-3 Brick
Thursday June 1st Off-road brick, at Sprague Brook Park
Thursday June 8th Northtown Time Trial #2
Thursday June 15th No brick or TT (Corporate Challenge)
Thursday June 22nd Northtown 3-2-3 Brick
Thursday June 29th
Southtown 1-1-1-1-1 brick
Thursday July 6th Southtown "Krankenstein" bike/run relay
Thursday July 13th No brick or TT
Thursday July 20th Northtown 3-2-1 Brick
Thursday July 27th No brick or TT
Thursday August 3rd Northtown Time Trial #3
Thursday August 10th BBC-BTC time trial (Grand Island) Click here!
Thursday August 17th
Southtown HILL CLIMB Time Trial (West Tillen)
Thursday August 24th Northtown 3-2-3 Brick
Thursday August 31stNorthtown 1-2-3 Brick
Thursday September 7thNo brick or TT
Thursday September 14th Northtown Members' Memorial Time Trial
Thursday September 21st Make-up week, if needed