2014 Club Partners & Discounts

Our major partners are listed down the right side of every page on our web site. Please visit them! Our club and our members benefit greatly from their support!

Our partners support us in numerous ways, including donations, facilities for holding club meetings, and discounts for club members. We provide all of our partners with online access to the BTC roster, and you must be on the BTC roster in order to receive these discounts.
Note: The BTC board strives to obtain as many discounts and special offers as possible for our members.  We do not provide exclusivity to any of our partners (for example, we have agreements with multiple companies that sell bicycles and bicycle accessories).  Our goal is to provide as many options as possible for our members so that they can choose which offers they would like to take advantage of.  Inclusion of a sponsor or partner is not intended to be an endorsement by the BTC, nor is the omission of a sponsor or partner intended to be a denouncement.  We tend to approve all partnership opportunities that provide some type of multi-sport related discount or benefit for our members, provided that the cost to the club is deemed reasonable.  Most of our partners simply require us to provide them some exposure to our members via our email blasts, newsletters, and our web site.  We review/renew the agreements annually, and keep copies of them on file.  Please feel free to contact our board members if you have any questions.

Pools & Fitness Facilities
  • ECC Athletic Membership (inc. Pool): discounted yearly memberships, Individual $149.00, down from $195.00 and family (husband/wife/children under 18) $230.00, down from $335.00. ECC membership is valid for all hours and activities at the ECC Flickenger Center on the City Campus (including the pool, fitness center, etc), as well as the facilities at the ECC North Campus (Williamsville) and ECC South Campus (Orchard Park).

  • UB Recreation Facilities (inc. Pool):  Monthly memberships for $15.  Membership includes the pool, the jogging track, the cardio and weight room, and pretty much everything that is offered at UB's Alumni Arena (Amherst Campus) and Clark Hall (Main St Campus). Each BTC member needs to purchase their UB membership within the first week of each month to receive the discount. Members can also purchase more then one month at a time.  We need to maintain a minimum of 15 members per month to receive the discount.  Memberships can be purchased at the Member Services offices, room 175 Alumni Arena (Amherst Campus).  You'll need to identify yourself as a BTC member, and show photo identification.  The staff will check your name against our club roster.  The hours can be found on the UB Recreation web site.   Questions regarding this offer can be directed to Jeri, our club treasurer.


  • ATC Endurance Events:  $10 discount for race registrations for the Cooperstown, Delta Lake, or Old Forge triathlon events.  Expires on 8/1/2014.  Discount code has been sent to BTC members via email.  ATC runs several triathlons in the Mohawk Valley region of upstate NY (Rome, Old Forge, Cooperstown, etc)

  • Double Vision Racing - Incredoubleman Race Weekend:  $10 discount for every race except for the sprint, if you register before May 31st.  Discount code has been sent to BTC members via email.  Race weekend is September 13th & 14th, and takes place in the lakeside village of Sackets Harbor NY (near Watertown).

  • Eclipse Multi-Sport:  15% discount for sprint and olympic distance races at QuakerMan, Nickel City, and the Wilson Wet & Wild.  Discount codes have been sent to BTC members via email.
  • Great Lakes 100 Mile Triathlon:  $50 discount for registrations for the Lake Erie and/or Lake Ontario 100 Mile triathlons (discount valid for either race).  Discount code has been sent to BTC members via email.

  • MultiSport Canada: 15% discount for Niagara Falls Half, using online registration and the discount code that was sent to all BTC members via email.  10% discount for the Welland Half using the mail-in (or fax)  paper application (cannot be done online, but using the paper form has the added benefit of saving you the online processing fees, in addition to the 10%).  Simply deduct 10% from the listed race price and indicate that you are a BTC member on the form.  They will check our club roster to verify your membership.  Note: The discounts are only valid on the Half Triathlon events at each location.

  • Score This!!!:  BTC members can register for the ECC Kat's Sprint Tri, Tri Dunkirk, PAIN in the Alleganies, and XTERRA ASP, at the "early bird" registration price using the discount codes that have been sent to all members via email.  Score This!!! also offers our members other special offers throughout the year.

  • Toughman Tri:  $25 discount for race registration.  Half-Iron distance.  Valid for any/all of their locations.  Discount code has been sent to BTC members via email.

Multisport stores, bike shops, & bike fittings,

  • The Bike Shop - 10% discounts on bikes, 20% discount on parts and accessories, and $100 discount on Retul bicycle fitting sessions (regular $299). 

  • FreeSpeed Sports:  10% discount off all regular priced merchandise.  5% discount off bikes.  Contact them for special BTC pricing on FreeSpeed wetsuits.  Items that are already on sale are excluded from the discounts, as our some brands that prohibit discounting.

  • Handlebars Cycle Company:  5% discount on bikes, 5-10% discount on wheels, 10% discount on equipment and accessories, and a 20% discount on nutrition.  Excludes items already on sale.  Identify yourself as a BTC member at checkout.

  • Karbon Speed:  10% off of the regular price on wheel sets (20% during the month of April!), upgrades, and kits.  Free toe warmers and wheel bag with each wheel set order.    Discounts are in lieu of any other discounts, cannot be combined with other discounts, and do not apply to sale pricing.  Discount code has been sent to BTC members via email. 

  • Love & Sprockets:  $125 for dynamic bike fits, $75 for standard bike fits, and 10% discount on all products.  Andy Thomas, 3168 Durham Rd, Hamburg, NY 14075, 716-713-5997.  Identify yourself as a BTC member and Andy will check our club roster to verify your membership.

  • Tom's Pro Bike:  5% Discount on bikes & wheels and 10% discount on service, bike fittings, accessories, and pretty much everything else (excludes items that are already on sale & excludes high-end wheels).

Running retail
  • Runner's Roost: 15% discount. Items that are already on sale are excluded. Ugg's are also excluded.  Identify yourself as a BTC member at checkout.  They will check our club roster to verify your membership.

Swimming, wetsuits, and water recreation (see also "Multisport stores," above)
  • City of Light Fitness:  10% discount off Stand-Up Paddle boarding (SUP) and outdoor fitness programs & packages.  Identify yourself as a BTC members when setting up your session.  They will check our club roster to verify your membership. 

  • Finis:  25% discount off all apparel, custom apparel, and products.  Discount can be obtained by purchasing online and using the coupon code trifinis1.  They will also offer us some other special promotions throughout the year.

  • ProMotion Wetsuits:  20% discount off full retail price, and on sale prices, on all of their triathlon products.  Orders can be placed online using the discount code that is sent to all members via our email blasts.  Orders can also be placed by telephone (1-800-798-1628).  Identify yourself as a BTC member and they will check our club roster to verify your membership.
  • XTERRA Wetsuits and accessories:  Discounts up to 60%.  Click here for sponsorship pricing.  Members need to enter a discount code during the checkout process to get the savings.  The discount code is C-BUFFALO.

  • Amrita Health Foods:  15% discount on all bars and gear, using discount code btc2014 (all lowercase).

Multisport coaching services
  • EnduranceFactor: 50% discount off initial coaching start up fees and $50.00 discount off combined bike and run threshold tests (VO2 max). Identify yourself as a BTC member and Doug will check our club roster to verify your membership.

  • Endurance & Marathon Sports:  Provides complimentary coaching tips and advice at BTC workouts (especially with regards to swimming).  Also donates certificates for free swim lessons and video analysis throughout the year.

  • Plan2Peak:  Endurance sport coaching and testing.  Identify yourself as a BTC member and Peter will check our club roster to verify your membership and provide the following discounts:
    • 20% discount off consultation fees
    • $25 discount off maximum lactate steady state and/or lactate threshold testing
    • $50 discount off Functional Movement Screenings (FMS)
    • Discounts on BTC Special Event Tuesday Night Workouts at the Plan2Peak Training Center (CompuTrainer ErgVideo rides) - click here to schedule!

  • TriVault Multisport Coaching & Training:  Special "Tri Club" discounts on most services (PAIN training program, TriFit, power/lacate testing, swim stroke analysis, etc).  Start-up fees waived and 10% off personal coaching.  Current pricing is available at www.trivault.com.

Massage, rehab, and injury prevention.
  • Comfort Zone Massage:  5% discount off 1 hour and 1/2 hour sessions.  Identify yourself as a BTC member and Jim will check our club roster to verify your membership.

  • Core Concepts Pilates and Wellness:  10% discount off massage, reiki, and pilates.  Identify yourself as a BTC member and they will check our club roster to verify your membership.

  • RunSmart:  $30 discount on a full running analysis.  Identify yourself as a BTC member.
  • Schaffstall Chiropractic: Dr. James Schaffstall is a long-time BTC member and he specializes in working with runners and triathletes. Please be sure to identify yourself as a BTC member and contact Jim via the Schaffstall Chiropractic web site for more information or to schedule an appointment.  Discounts are available.
  • WE Massage:  20% discount on sports massages. Contact Warren Elvers at 716-689-2493.