Buffalo Triathlon Club 2017 Board of Directors

Back row: Joe Pautler, Mark Sommers, & Mark Knerr
Middle row: George Hackford, Karla Sommers, Erin Sheehan, & David Federspiel
Front row: Amy Benedict, Jennifer Bell, Lisa Trapasso, & Alisha Gannon

Buffalo Triathlon Club Officer and Volunteers

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Board Members
Jennifer Bell, Amy Benedict, David Federspiel, Alisha Gannon, George Hackford, Mark Knerr, Joe Pautler, Erin Sheehan, Karla Sommers, Mark Sommers, & Lisa Trapasso

Elected by the membership.  Meet monthly to guide the overall direction of the club and vote on key issues.

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Jennifer Bell

Elected by the board.  Provides overall leadership of the board and the club.

Karla Sommers

Manages the BTC bank accounts and overall budget.  Issue payments when needed.

Membership Committee
Mark Sommers, Joe Grey, Joe Pautler, & Lisa Trapasso

Manage and maintain membership database.  Receive and process applications and dues. Answer membership questions and welcome all new members.

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Newsletter & Blog Editor
Keith Burtis & Lisa Trapasso

Collect articles, pictures, and other information from members and publish our club newsletter & blog.

Northtown Brickmasters
George Hackford, Keith Burtis, & Rob Leary

Plan and coordinate brick workouts, timing, and results publication for the Northtowns.

Southtown Brickmaster
Jennifer Bell

Plan and coordinate brick workouts, timing, and results publication for the Southtowns.

Lake Erie Swimmasters
Erin Sheehan

Plan and coordinate open water swimming workouts in Lake Erie.

Lake Ontario Swimmasters
David & Jennifer Cronkhite, with help from Charlie Watson, Kate Leary, Barb O'Reilly, and others.

Plan and coordinate open water swimming workouts in Lake Ontario.


Buffalo State Swimmasters
Nick Stone & his swim team

Plan and coordinate pool swimming workouts at Buffalo State College (Kissinger Center)

Tent Coordinators
Mark Sommers & Lisa Trapasso

Coordinates the transportation, set-up, and storage of our 10'x10' pop-up BTC tents.

Bike Box Coordinator
Mark Knerr

Receives and coordinates bike box reservations.

Apparel Coordinators
Jennifer Bell, Karla Sommers, Lisa Trapasso, & George Hackford

Coordinate apparel orders, deliver orders, and hold inventory.


Club Librarian
Nancy Gworek

Manage and maintain the BTC's collection of books, videos, and other materials available for sign-out by club members.

Webmaster & Vice President
Joe Pautler

Design, manage, and maintain all things related to information technology and electronic communication (web site, facebook, membership database, email blasts)